Virginia Business Schools

Considering a career in business in the state of Virginia? You’ve made a great choice. Virginia isn’t just a wonderful state to live in (Virginia has fifteen counties and cities in the top one-hundred wealthiest jurisdictions in the United States based upon median income), but is also a great place to work. Unlike other “southern” states, Virginia has made a smooth transition from agriculture being its main industry (particularly tobacco) to being very visible in the technology sector. In fact, in 2006 computer chips replaced tobacco as Virginia’s best selling export. There is a technology “row” in the Dulles area, and over a third of Virginia’s workers are in the service sector. Additionally, thanks to northern Virginia’s proximity to the nation’s capital, there are many business jobs in government in the Virginia suburbs of Washington. So if you want to get started on your Virginia business career, get your business degree today! For the best business schools in Virginia, click on our links below!

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