South Carolina Business Schools

Living in the beautiful state of South Carolina and thinking about a career in business? South Carolina is an excellent place for a business career, but first you’ll need a business degree. Luckily, South Carolina is home to some great business schools. After the great depression in the 1930’s, many textile companies previously based in the North East moved and made their home in South Carolina. For much of the previous century, textile manufacturing drove the South Carolina economy, but in recent years the state has become much more diversified and no longer relies on any single industry. South Carolina is home to the Fortune 500 company SCANA, as well as the base for Sunoco Products, Bowater, and Scan Source. Agriculture–particularly tobacco and cotton–is still a large part of the state’s economy as well. As you can see, South Carolina has many opportunities for anyone interested in a career in business. To get started earning your business degree in South Carolina, click on the links below.

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