Pennsylvania Business Degrees

Pennsylvania is one of the best states for those considering a business career.  With eight Fortune 500 companies located in Philadelphia, with more based in the Philadelphia suburb of King of Prussia, you’ll find extensive corporate opportunities throughout the state–all in all, fifty different Fortune 500 companies call the state home. Pennsylvania is a leader in the financial and insurance industry, as well as the home of many medical publishing companies and educational services. Pennsylvania is home to many educational institutions, including of the most prestigious of the Ivy League schools. Additionally, even with recent losses such as Bethlehem Steel, Pennsylvania still host extensive manufacturing companies. While Pittsburgh and Philadelphia as the corporate and manufacturing centers, the rest of the state is home to the agricultural industry, of which Pennsylvania is the largest producer of mushrooms, and also one of the nations largest producers of Christmas trees, layer chickens, and nursery stock. Obviously, if you are planning a career in business in Pennsylvania, you’ve made a smart choice. Get started earning your business degree in Pennsylvania by clicking on one of the links below.

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