North Carolina Business Schools

If you are considering earning a business degree in North Carolina, you are making a smart choice. North Carolina is a surprisingly excellent place to have a career in business; for instance, did you know that in recent years Charlotte has become one of the business centers in the United States? In fact, it is second only to New York. Many major Fortune  500 companies are based in North Carolina, including Bank of America and Wachovia. But North Carolina’s business goes further–despite manufacturing losses in recent years, the state continues to be the largest producer of textiles in the nation. Agriculture continues to play a large role, particularly with (of course) tobacco, although thanks to cultural attitude changes to tobacco (and the federal government considering ending tobacco subsidies) many growers are being entrepreneurial and switching to growing things such as grapes for wine. There is no doubt that the opportunities for a business career abound in North Carolina, so get started earning your business degree today by clicking on the links below!

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