Non-Profit Programs in Business

Non-profit business programs

If you are interested in business but are concerned about the greater good, there is a perfect degree for you: a business major with a Non-Profit specialization. While non-profit organizations are not focused on making a profit, they still need to be run in an efficient manner. More and more non-profit organizations are hiring business graduates to help manage their operations. Your business degree with a non-profit specialization will give you the practical skills and basic knowledge of human resource management, organizational governance, entrepreneurship, and finance that you’ll need to lead a non-profit institution. The degree will also provide you with the fundamental foundation in basic business and management principles needed today for nonprofit management to meet federal and state regulations regarding finances and tax law, as well as to maintain ethical business practices–important today in working with high level donors to help meet fund raising goals. If you are interested in a business degree with a non-profit focus, take a look at our list below for programs in your area!