Nebraska Business Schools

If you are planning to earn a business degree in Nebraska, you’ve made a very smart choice. Nebraska is home to many of the nation’s largest businesses, making it an excellent place to plan a business career. In fact, the Forbes Magazine “Richest Man In The World” (also called the “Oracle of Omaha”) is from Nebraska–one Mr. Warren Buffet. Nebraska also has a large agricultural sector, as well as the main site of much of the nation’s freight and truck transportation; Union Pacific Railroad is based in Nebraska (and the world’s largest railyard is located in North Platte). On a more fun note, Kool-Aid was invented in Nebraska in 1927 by Edward Perkins, and is still celebrated the second weekend of August every year (and Kool-Aid is the official state soft drink). Needless to say, if you are planning a career in business in Nebraska, you’ve made a smart choice. To find the best Nebraska business schools, click on the links below!

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