Michigan Business Schools

If you are hoping to earn a business degree in Michigan, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the best Michigan business schools listed below, and Michigan is a great state for business. Of course Michigan is most directly identified as the state that makes automobiles–and it still has more auto plants than any other state–Michigan has made great strides in other areas. Biotechnology, information technology, and life sciences are areas of business that are currently growing quickly in the state of Michigan. Additionally, Michigan continues to have a strong agricultural sector, including being the number one producer of Christmas trees in the United States. Michigan is also a great place to pursue a business career because of its strong commitment to research and development; in fact, the state of Michigan spends a higher percentage of it’s gross development funds on research and development that any other state. So if you are interested in earning your business degree in Michigan, click on the links below for the best Michigan business schools.

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