Indiana Business Schools

If you are planning for a career in business, Indiana is a great place to be. But you first need a business degree! Luckily, Indiana is home to many fine business schools. It has to be; otherwise corporations that have their base of operations in Indiana wouldn’t have enough employees. Companies such as pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly, manufacturer of many popular drugs including Prozac love to work with business school graduates. Indiana is also the home of business creativity and innovation; many diverse businesses started right in the state. Colonel Sanders started his life in Indiana before opening the first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in the back of a gas station. Bill Blass was born in Fort Wayne and later went on to become a fashion icon famous for his tailored style. Additionally, Indiana has managed to escape the worst of the manufacturing losses that have plagued the United States and maintains its Rust Belt heritage with many companies still doing business in the state. So as you can see, Indiana is a great place to launch a business career! Take your first step and learn more about earning a business degree from an Indiana business school by clicking on the links below.

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