Illinois Business Schools

Are you considering attending business school in Illinois? It’s a smart choice; in order to succeed in business, you need a business degree, and Illinois offers many excellent business schools. The state of Illinois has a long history of business industry and innovation; from its earliest days as a farming community to the meatpacking plants of the nineteenth century, Illinois has been the home of much business creativity. For instance, when Illinois businessman Phillip Danforth Armour wanted to ship his meat products across the country, another Illinois native made it possible—Gustavas Franklin Smith, creator of the refrigerated train car. John Deere saw an opportunity and became the founder of the largest agricultural and construction equipment manufacturer in the world (we’ve all heard of John Deere tractors). While farming continues to be big business in Illinois today, there are plenty of other new opportunities in areas such as chemical manufacturing, food manufacturing, and machine manufacturing. If you plan to work in business in Illinois, you will find many opportunities waiting for you. To get started on your career in business, click on the links to Illinois business schools below!

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