Idaho Business Schools

If you are planning to attend business school in Idaho, you have made an excellent choice. Idaho is home to many fine business schools, and has a great business reputation. Of course Idaho is known as the “spud” state, and with good reason—over a third of all the potatoes grown in the United States are grown in Idaho. But today the largest industry in Idaho is by far the science and technology sector, accounting for over 25% of the states revenue. Micron Technology, the only manufacturer of dynamic random access memory chips, is housed in Boise. Idaho is also the center of semiconductor manufacturing. There are many other successful businesses in Idaho (for instance, the home of the company manufacturing the base for processed cheese is in the state), so if you aspire to a career in business in Idaho you will find excellent opportunity for employment. But before you can launch a business career, you need a business degree! For more information about business schools offering business degrees in Idaho, click on the links below.

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