Hawaii Business Schools

Hoping to study business in one of the most beautiful places in the world? You are in luck; Hawaii has several excellent business schools close to its glorious beaches. Hawaii is a fascinating place; its most distinctive feature is its unique geography. Hawaii is a series of eight islands, which while separated by ocean make it still the widest state in the country. The islands are actually the tips of the world’s largest mountain range (which is primarily under water). Many of the factors that have shaped the state of Hawaii are related to business; once discovered by non-natives, it became the site of many different industries—sandalwood, sugarcane, and pineapple. Those foreign businessmen took a firm stance with the local monarchy, and created changes to the political system to suit their needs. Of course, once Hawaii became a state the monarchy lost its power for good. Today, tourism is the number one business in Hawaii (although it is still exporting pineapples), contributing nearly a quarter of the state’s income. If you plan to succeed in business in Hawaii, you will need a business degree. For more information about Hawaii business schools, check the links below.

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