Georgia Business Schools

Considering attending business school in Georgia? As it happens, Georgia is home to many fine business schools, and many well-known businesses as well. Atlanta is one of the nation’s telecommunications hubs, as well as transportation and other industries. Some major corporations have their home base in Georgia, not the least of which is Coca-Cola; in fact, Coca-Cola was invented in Atlanta by Dr. John S. Pemberton in 1886 (he even penned the name and the logo). Of course Coca-Cola is now the number one selling soft drink not just in Georgia, or the United States, but also in the world (although there have been a few adjustments to the formula over the years). Coca-Cola is not the only business in the state, of course; other well-known corporations in Georgia are Arby’s, Delta Airlines, Home Depot and the United Parcel Service (UPS). If you hope to have a successful business career in Georgia in any of these businesses, you will need to earn a business degree. Luckily, earning a business degree in Georgia is just a click away! For more information about Georgia business schools, check out our links below.

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