Business Schools in California

Planning to attend one of the best business schools in California? Smart choice. While California may be famous for its glamor—it is, after all, the site of Hollywood—California is home to many a business innovator. After all, the reason Hollywood is such a draw for many folks is because there is money to made in the world of entertainment!

No one knows that better than film director, producer, and screenwriter George Lucas—the father of the Star Wars series of movies. His company, Lucasfilm, has made him a billionaire. But other business leaders call California home—Steve Jobs, one of the co-founders of Apple Computers, used his millions of dollars to buy up Pixar Animation (which he then sold to Disney for more millions). Then there’s Kerkor “Kirk” Kerkorian, the president and CEO of Tracinda Corporation—but best known as one of the most important shapers of the city of Las Vegas.

As you can see, California is a great place to do business! Join these business innovators by exploring the CA business colleges featured below.

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