Business Degree Programs
Administrative Assistant Schools

Administrative Assistant Schools: Working in the Heart of the Modern Office

In almost every business and industry, there is a need for skilled administrative assistants. Administrative assistants perform routine clerical and administrative duties. Although a degree is not required for becoming an administrative assistant, attending an administrative assistant school can give you an edge over the competition and help you land employment opportunities. Read on to […]

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Operations Management Degree

Operations Management Degree: Overseeing Business Operations

The operations function is central to any organization. It is one of three core functions of a business, along with marketing and finance. An operations management degree is designed to teach students how to design and efficiently manage products, processes, services, and supply chains. As an operations manager, you will manage the acquisition, development, and […]

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Retail Management Degree

Retail Management Degree: Take Charge of a Retail Store’s Day-to-Day Operations

In today’s growing retail industry, companies are in need of skilled retail managers and leaders. At retail management schools, students may learn about things like maintaining an inventory, training and managing employees, creating an effective store layout, and directing marketing efforts. A retail management degree prepares students to work both in merchandising and management for […]

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Sports Management Degree

Sports Management Degree: Overseeing the Business of Sports

Transform your passion for sports into an exciting career by obtaining a sports management degree. Sports management colleges combine a broad business education with industry-specific courses to equip students with the planning, administrative, and leadership skills needed to thrive in this growing field. Learn more about what it takes to pursue a degree in sports […]

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Small Budiness Management Courses

Small Business Management Courses: Joining the Life Blood of the US Economy

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the US economy. Pursuing a small business management degree equips you with the skills and training needed to run a small business. Subjects that you will learn about include legal and business requirements, customer service, and financial planning, among others. Ensure that you have the entrepreneurial skills needed to […]

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Supply Chain Management Degree

Supply Chain Management Degree: Managing the Movement of Goods

Supply chain management is the active management of supply chain activities to achieve a competitive advantage and maximize customer satisfaction. As supply chain management becomes an increasingly critical component of running a lean and efficient business operation, a growing number of people are pursuing a supply chain management degree. In supply chain management schools, students […]

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Real Estate and Property Management Schools

Real Estate & Property Management Schools: Help Clients Buy, Sell, and Rent Properties

Once considered a profession learned on the job, real estate is now a popular field of study. Real estate schools help students to acquire the skills needed to sell, market, lease, and manage commercial and residential properties. A successful real estate agent or property manager must have a diverse skill set that includes a solid […]

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Management Information Systems Degree

Management Information Systems Degree

Management information systems (MIS) involves the study of people, technology, organizations, and the relationships between them. Students pursuing an information systems management degree learn how to conceptualize and manage the design and implementation of information systems. If you would like to help organizations maximize their investment in equipment, personnel, and business processes, earn a management […]

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Bookkeeping training

Bookkeeping Training: Maintaining Financial Records

Bookkeepers maintain financial records, keep track of accounts, and check financial records for accuracy. Most bookkeeping positions require you to have a high school diploma or GED. However, some employers prefer hiring candidates who also have postsecondary training. Gain the math and computer skills needed to work as a bookkeeper by pursuing bookkeeping training. Overview […]

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Organizational Management Degree

Organizational Management Degree: Paving the Way to a Future in Management

Improve your management, organizational, and interpersonal skills by earning an organizational management degree. Organizational management is defined as the process of organizing, planning, leading, and controlling an organization’s resources in order to achieve certain objectives. With the business world becoming increasingly competitive, it has become crucial for organizations to effectively manage human labor and capital […]

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