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Starting salaries in business

Starting Salaries in Business: How Much Can you Make?

While it’s always good to love the work you do, it’s also critical to make a living. Earning a business degree is the first step to a stable and lucrative career. But what are the starting salaries in the business field? What is the range for business salaries? With your completed degree in business administration, […]

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35 Thins to avoid at job interview

35 Things To Avoid At Your Job Interview

As with everything in life,  it can be very helpful to know NOT what to do just as much as what to do!  If you’re new to job hunting, you’ve probably been reading about how to act during a job interview. You should also be studying how not to act. If there’s a common complaint […]

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Ununusual business careers: casino manager

Five Unusual Careers For The Business School Graduate

The world of business is changing rapidly—and so are the careers available to business school graduates. The truth is, every company out there is a business, and they all need good business managers. But not every business school graduate wants to take a traditionally management path—some business grads prefer to work in the distant corners […]

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Knowledge management

Business Specialty: Knowledge Management

If you are interested in a business degree, you are probably also choosing among business specialties. Currently in high demand and offering a substantial starting salaries are positions in the field of Knowledge Management. In order for the staff of a corporation to function properly, they must have access to information they need. Getting information […]

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Careers in business

Careers in Business: Available Careers and Study Paths in Business

In order to succeed in your business career, you need innovation and creativity. If you’ve decided to work in the corporate world, that means that you are invested in securing success—both your own success, and that of the organization you work for. But there are nearly as many study paths in business as there are […]

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21 business skills needed to succeed

21 Business Skills Needed To Succeed

The greatest people in business have certain attributes in common. Several personal qualities are important, like a thirst for continuous education, personal drive and motivation, strong goals and ambition, clear vision, and always a great deal of passion. Beyond those personal qualities though, what makes a successful business person stand out from the crowd? Here […]

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