Arkansas Business Schools

Considering a career in business in Arkansas? Then you need to earn a business degree! You are in luck—Arkansas is home to some of the nation’s best business schools. Arkansas is well known for producing famous people—Johnny Cash was born there, as was General MacArthur, and so was Scott Joplin. Arkansas has even given us a President. But the state of Arkansas is also the home of many of our nation’s most prominent business leaders. John H. Johnson, founder of a publishing empire geared toward African-Americans, got his start there. Jack Stephens, born on a farm during the depression, became one of the country’s major power brokers through his company Stephens, Inc—the largest trading company outside of Wall Street. But none of these folks can top Sam Walton—a Newport native who founded the Wal-Mart stores, and has been listed in Forbes as the richest man in America. As you can see, if you’ve decided to pursue a business career by earning a business degree in Arkansas, you are in good company! For more information about the best business schools in the state of Arkansas, click on the links below.

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