Arizona Business Schools

Planning to attend business school in Arizona? Arizona is an excellent place to earn your business degree. While Arizona is famous for its big skies, sunshine, and saguaro cactus (not to mention a little thing called The Grand Canyon), Arizona is also a place of recent business ingenuity. John Sperling, the son of sharecroppers and a former professor and activist in the 1960’s, set the world of education on its ear when he created the first for-profit university. It was a wild success—and still is—making him a billionaire. But Arizona is also known for other business successes; it’s one of the first right-to-work states, and is still the leading producer nationally of copper. In a tribute to its copper mines, the capital of Arizona has a copper roof—the value of which is equal to no less than 4,800,000 pennies. If you are hoping to earn a business degree in Arizona, you are on the right track! There are plenty of excellent business schools in the state of Arizona. For more information about the best business schools, click on our links below!

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